About Digital Preservation


Digital encoding has become the dominant way in which we create, shape and exchange information, but this dependence carries many risks.

  • As digital technology advances, hardware and software may become outmoded and information may become inaccessible
  • Other users may be unable to understand or use data
  • Access and use restrictions may make it difficult for others to re-use data
  • The ability to identify the location of data may be lost
  • The current custodian of the data may cease to exist
  • The ones we trust to look after the digital holdings may let us down
Integrated view of digital preservation - click for more details

Integrated view of digital preservation – click for more details

With the APARSEN project, the APA has a blueprint for a Centre of Excellence which brings together expertise from the pioneers in digital preservation on the basis of an integrated view of digital preservation techniques. The term “Virtual Centre of Excellence” is used to emphasise the point that this does not depend on the expertise of a single organisation.

Solutions to problems in digital preservationare addressed  through consultancy, training and tools and services.

If solutions to your problems are not found in these web pages please email director@alliancepermanentaccess.org