Digital Rights

IPR and access rights of various kinds may be associated with the digital objects. According to OAIS, the digital archive has to “obtain sufficient control for preservation”. The problems of assuming sufficient control of the Content Information and Preservation Description Information, when they are largely digital, are addressed in three related categories, as follows:

  1. copyright implications, intellectual property and other legal restrictions on use;
  2. authority to modify Representation Information;
  3. agreements with external organizations.

Asset base

Issue WP/Project/Tools/Services Asset Evidence

DRM is used in a broad and a narrow sense: can be implemented inside or outside the file that is being protected


[Download not found] an extensive overview of DRM techniques and tools and their risks for the long term preservation

DRM mechanisms that are built into file formats like the protection for viewing, copying, printing and altering can prevent necessary digital preservation actions


[Download not found]  a guideline for dealing with DRM protected material and its preservation

There is no standard workflow in the Ingest workflow to check if the digital objects are protected

APARSEN WP31, tools for generating technical metadata and file analysing like FITS, JHOVE, ExifTool, WP21 (Characterization service)

overview of appropriate best practices from the workflow perspective, i.e. the use of automated tools for the detection of DRM protected material and its preservation

Preservation of digital rights that are associated with digital objects

APARSEN WP31, PREMIS, METS rights, Europeana Data Model

Overview of metadata standards that allow the including of digital rights information

Mets Rights: Rights Declaration Schema

PREMIS Rights entity

OAIS:, page 3-1, 3-2.

Use of persistent identifiers in rights management

LCC project