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How much will preservation cost


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These show that the existing cost models are so far untestable however they provide a view based on ISO 16363 of cost areas that should be considered

Various projects investigated in WP32

DP Impact

Cost models are rarely used to assess the costs of DP activities within organisations. Organisations use internal resources or knowledge.


Work carried out and provided in D32.1 and D32.2 could be (and has been used) for training, consultancy – not strictly although could be considered a service perhaps, but we could provide guidance and advice on best tools available given specific situations. This would, however, need to be investigated further. In terms of tools, we could refer to specific cots models which are currently available.

Many different cost models being used and being newly invented

The real issue is turning cost models into cost recovery models

work in the 4C project (Neil Grindley, JISC) And in RDA (Data Publishing – cost models)

4C wishes to build a registry where you can look up cost models as used by others RDA is working on cost recovery models, also taking Public-Private-Partnerships into consideration.

Ingest costs


PANGEA has long standing experience in calculating ingest costs which are perceived as the cost driver of the project.

Costs in scalable preservation systems, including the use of cloud storage



Gaps identified as very few cost models available and those which are available tend to specific to the creators needs and more significantly to the organisation creating the model.
Some gaps may be filled by the 4C projects a coordination action on a ‘Collaboration to clarify the costs of curation’. The Curation Costs Exchange tool may be of relevance – due Jan 2015.Reliable cost models for support of persistent identifiers.