Some additional video materials

What are Publishers doing about digital preservation? By Eefke Smit STM. Video from

Team Digital Preservation and the Deadly Cryptic Conundrum, by wepreserve

Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Digital Preservation

Who guards the guards – Meeting the challenges of digital preservation

Long Term Digital Preservation (Some initiatives in India and Germany)

Dr. Paul Ayris about digital preservation

Data curation: just in time or just in case? (Michael Lesk, … The Immense data collections now being built in many fields are changing the way science happens, which may improve the public’s understanding of research and encourage more young people to pursue careers in science, according to Michael Lesk, professor of library and information science and award-winning teacher. Early in his career, Lesk worked on the development of UNIX, the ground-breaking computer code that helped launch the digital age, which is one of the reasons he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.