APARSEN’s Tool Repository

The APARSEN tools repository is the central access point for finding software related to digital preservation. The edited lists allow you to find appropriate tools meeting your requirements. Tools are organized according to the data type they handle and their role in digital preservation systems. Evidence from research and application as well as user rating and comments support you in assessing the tools.

There are many lists of digital preservation tools. This is not just another such list. It is an attempt to build an evidence-base for preservation tools, and in particular to try to identify which tools are appropriate for which type of data.

Therefore, APARSEN is collecting  details of preservation related software, examples of data and the evidence of preservation linking software to types of data. Some of this evidence comes from specific testbeds but much comes from user scenarios.

User ratings (1 to 5 stars) for the evidence is being collected and the average is displayed. In addition registered users may contribute comments about all the above.

We believe that this information will be useful to someone who has the responsibility of preserving a particular set of digital objects because he/she can find information about what has worked for similar data by searching for software used with selected types of data or for data that has been used with selected software, supported by the associated evidence and ratings from other users. The user scenarios may also provide useful information.

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