The Centre of Excellence offers face to face training events, workshops and clinics, as well as a summer school.

There are currently five one-day events planned:

1. Overview of preservation
2. Managing and preserving your data. Why and How?
3. How valuable are your digital assets? (Community driven)
4. Preparing your organisation for an ISO 16363 audit – is your repository trustworthy?
5. Digital rights and access management – do digital rights allow for access to your digital assets?

Two-day clinics or workshops allow practitioners to meet with experts to resolve their issues. These are based upon the following:

1. Data management plans
2. Internal auditor training
3. Digital rights and access management
4. Countering threats to digital preservation
5. Preserving data

The 5-day summer school and workshop covers:

– data preservation (common vision, OAIS, preservation techniques)
– services and technologies (SCIDIP-ES, storage, scalability)
– organisational issues and governance (including cost models, value and business cases)

It includes practical examples, case studies and course work
Format: residential, 5 days, lectures, discussions and practical group work

The Training Events menu on the right provides details of current as well as previous courses.

The On-Line Courses menu on the right currently provides introductory course material.

The Formal Qualifications menu on the right provides a database of
opportunities available.

The Training Materials menu on the right provides traininig resources from a number of different sources.

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