As a Network of Excellence APARSEN will set up close relationship with other institutions, projects and networks within the digital preservation community and beyond, in Europe and around the world. A broader initiative at European level and a more diverse Europe-wide organisation involving key stakeholders in different domains dealing with digital data preservation aspects is needed if we wish to achieve the profound restructuring that is required. APARSEN will use different communication channels to directly involve stakeholders be it at external workshops, symposia and events or in close collaboration with the further development of the Interactive Map of Actors and Stakeholders in Digital Preservation. APA and APARSEN partners, internal stakeholders: will develop and endorse the common vision, be active partners in APARSEN research and development and in outreach.

  1. External Advisory Committee, consists of individual DP experts and researchers: will be invited for active input into work-in-progress at APARSEN, have access to WIKI, are invited to all internal workshops and the General Assembly and can provide advise any time, as critical friends, solicited and unsolicited. Are encouraged and invited to act as external reviewers of draft deliverables on special topics.
  2. EU-based Networks, Coalitions and Multiplier Organisations: will be approached in early stages for near-finish  or just-finished deliverables to seek early convergence on standards and best practices. Hopefully act as multiplier-organisations for further outreach of APARSEN outcomes and should be considered as prospect organisations for the VCoE (see also WP11).
  3. DP practitioners, esp in Memory and Archival Institutions such as National Libraries/ Archives: prime target audience for APARSEN outreach as candidate practitioners for better digital preservation. Natural candidates for the VCoE. APARSEN’s aim to communicate with them is to spread the excellence developed in the VCoE and to take Digital preservation to a higher level.
  4. Stakeholders outside the DP Community: these are all the institutions and people active in archiving and cultural memory tasks who have digital preservation not sufficiently on their radar screen yet. We see this group as an importance audience for the APARSEN work, especially in WP44, but less so as a source for input into our project.
  5. International Liaision: our main partners outside the EU, target audience for APARSEN outcomes and more remote candidate partners for the Network-of-Networks VCoE.

365 thoughts on “Stakeholders

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