Business model

Decisions about the mix of sources providing the financial resources required for implementing and operating the preservation business process will be based on the characteristics of the users and customers base (the target groups), the competition in the provision of the preserved assets as well as in the nature and dynamics of the formulated business case. These factors will help to determine the business models used.

The resources may be used at the very start to create new digital objects, which will presumably have been created for a specific purpose and which then may be either disposed of or be preserved.

A selection process will be needed to decide what is to be preserved. This will presumably be based on business case and risk considerations. It may also depend on the interest of other possible curators of the information.

This financial resourcing may be (perhaps should be) part of the budgets needed to create the digital objects. However some or all of the objects created may be disposed of rather than preserved.

Asset base

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Business models for preservation in general


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Going beyond financing DP from budgets and projects


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DP being primarily funded by short term budgets

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Business modelling for DP in scientific libraries and scientific data curators organisations