See the ISO16363 site for more information about certification of trustworthy repositories.

Peer review of research data in scholarly journals

APARSEN has produced a report which describes the current position and the possible requirements and research agenda in the area of data quality, using input from domain scientists and the range of archives and other data holders within the consortium and associated with it.

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 Peer review of digital repositories

The creation of the European Framework for Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories is described in the following document.

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The European Framework has three levels based on the Data Seal of Approval, DIN 31644 and ISO 16363

  • DSA if the entry level
  • then the repository can do a monitored self-audit using DIN 31644 or ISO 16363
  • the top level is an independent audit with 3rd party auditors using ISO 16363 or DIN 31644