If you have a problem in digital preservation, other organisations have probably have tackled and overcome the same issue. It would save you a lot of time and effort to get advice from them.

The members of the APA are the pioneers in digital preservation and can provide this advice through the APA Centre of Excellence. The consultancy is provided by the members of APA supplemented by the APA Director and staff.

For more information please fill in the contact form at the foot of this page.

If you have a simpler problem you may find the following helpful:

  • there is a collection of FAQs which may answer your question – [intlink id=”2001″ type=”page”]here[/intlink]
  • if you are puzzled about digital preservation terminology we provide a [intlink id=”3380″ type=”page”]Glossary [/intlink] which brings together, and shows relationships between, terms in a number of important glossaries.
  • if you have a question about standards then please look at our collection of information [intlink id=”80969″ type=”page”]here[/intlink]