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APA conference – launch of the Centre of Excellence

Brussels 22-23 October. Combining the expertise and experience of the pioneers in digital preservation with the results from APARSEN and SCIDIP-ES provides world class expertise


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About Digital Preservation


Digital encoding has become the dominant way in which we create, shape and exchange information, but this dependence carries many risks.

  • As digital technology advances, hardware and software may become outmoded and information may become inaccessible
  • Other users may be unable to understand or use data
  • Access and use restrictions may make it difficult for others to re-use data
  • The ability to identify the location of data may be lost
  • The current custodian of the data may cease to exist
  • The ones we trust to look after the digital holdings may let us down
Integrated view of digital preservation - click for more details

Integrated view of digital preservation – click for more details

Today’s research community must assume responsibility for building a robust data and information infrastructure for the future. Digital preservation is too big an issue for individual institutions or even sectors to address on their own. The answer to these challenges calls for coordinated approaches on both national and international level.

It also calls for a de-fragmentation of the many different aspects and research approaches. APA/APARSEN has created an integrated view of digital preservation embedded in a business process. Click on the diagram to look in detail at each aspect; the many, varied, silos of work have been brought together into a coherent whole which answers the vital questions ranging from how? to “who pays and why?” for digital preservation. This integrated view allows us to offer a consist, coherent, approach to digtal preservation in our training, consultanct, services and tools.

APA Conference – Launch of the Centre of Excellence – 22-23 Oct, Brussels

Learn how the pioneers in digital preservation have overcome the challenges they have faced, and how they can help you overcome yours.

The integrated view of digital preservation provides a unique foundation for our training, consultancy and services. This view integrates the vast amount of research into digital preservation into a business process, allowing us to help you to answer questions such as “who pays and why for preserving your digital holdings? which tools and services are most likely to solve your particular digital preservation problems?

Please register for the conference here -for more information the programme is available here 


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