APA 2011 Conference 8-9 Nov, London

The 2011 APA conference, held at the BMA in London, addressed the theme “Putting the infrastructure in place for digital preservation” and brought together leaders in the field from Europe and around the world, including academic, large scientific research, industrial and commercial stakeholders.

Guest speakers included representatives from the British government and from Asia, Europe and the USA.

The videos and presentations may be found here.

Attendance at the conference was essential if you or your organisation want to know more about preserving your digitally encoded intellectual capital – your most important asset.

Topics included

  • the challenges which major information holders and solution providers are addressing
  • the latest news on developing a coherent view of what works in digital preservation and how the research efforts and developments fit together
  • what infrastructure is being put in place to help you
  • how to check whether you or those you fund are doing an adequate job in preserving information
  • how to build the business case for preservation
  • how preservation fits into the commercial world, including privacy and security
  • success stories from which we can learn